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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Yamanto

A left-over from millennia past, just like our appendix, wisdom teeth used to serve us well when we needed more teeth to grind our tough, plant-based or untenderised foods. Now that we have smaller jaws and have gentler diets, often our wisdom teeth don’t fit and sometimes collide with their neighbours, known as impaction. This can cause infection and pain, or in some cases, they can even dissolve the teeth in front of them.

Again like our appendix, not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed. However, if your wisdom teeth are in a bad position, or ever give you trouble, they could get very painful at any time in the future (usually at the worst possible time, like on holiday or when you’re really stressed). Even worse, they can destroy the perfectly good (and useful) tooth in front. We always recommend letting us know of any symptoms you experience, and monitoring the condition of your wisdom teeth regularly. Although wisdom teeth extraction can cause a bit of grief while they heal, having them removed has two benefits – you can plan when they are removed (take some time off work to recover) rather than having pain at an inopportune time, and once they’re out and healed, the potential for issues is gone!

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