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Children’s Dentistry

Children Dentistry

Children's Dentistry In Yamanto

At Tranquility Dentistry we believe establishing a good relationship with your Dentist is paramount to reducing anxiety and maintaining dental health, and creating this trust as young as possible is the best way to achieve this. Little ones often have a fear of the unknown, so we like to take things slow and introduce the process without too much pressure – if they’re a little anxious the first time, we don’t push past their point of comfort; instead we bring it back reassuring, and trying again another day. And if they do well, we reward for their bravery (and often bribery works well too!).

Starting off with a simple check-up is the best way to establish this trust. Our path to success starts with discussing good dental care for bub, so we encourage you to book in a check-up for yourself within the first year after they are born. Then we can see your child for their own check-up at around 2 years old, at the very least just having a brief look to make sure their teeth are coming through healthy. Usually, at 3 years old we can successfully start giving them nice gentle cleans. This will ensure the dentist trips are stress-free for your child, and therefore less stressful for you!

Your child may be eligible for the Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS), which means $1000 of free dental treatment! Please contact our clinic with your Medicare details and we can check if your child qualifies.

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