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Dr Ben Cosson

Dr Ben Cosson Tranquility Dentistry
Principal Dentist

Dr Ben Cosson

Dr Ben grew up in an Army family, moving up and down the East Coast before settling in Canberra for school, and moving to the Gold Coast for University. He graduated in 2011, then worked for the RAAF (Amberley, Townsville and East Sale), and loved the lifestyle up here so after working in private clinics in Victoria he moved back to Queensland. His wife is a St Mary’s graduate and he has 2 daughters and one son is the eldest of a large extended family, two brothers, and four sisters, so he is confident with helping all ages, from 2 to 102.

Dr Ben’s philosophy is to give you the knowledge and power to take charge of your health, but with his assistance to give you the clearest advice, expertise to achieve the best result possible, and empathy to make the experience as pleasant as he can. He hopes to meet you soon!

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