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Tooth Fillings

Filling (Restoration)

Restorations, or better known as Fillings, restore the lost structure of your tooth which has been decayed or broken. Decay is an infection in the hard part of your tooth, caused by bacteria that feed on your tooth and create holes (cavities) that are usually unseen to the naked eye until they become quite large. We use composite for restorations, which is a tooth-coloured material and bonds to your tooth to ensure it will not fall out. If you have a small cavity or chip, composite comes in many shades to match the colour of your tooth, so a small restoration is the best way to go and works well for many years.

If you have a large cavity or a large filling has been lost, composite restorations can be used but won’t last forever. We always do the highest quality work so we have no doubt it will work well, but the strength of the material and bond will deteriorate over time. Some strength needs to be increased to avoid the tooth or restoration breaking, which we can achieve with some stronger materials (See Crowns and Porcelain Restorations).

It is very important to treat decay or fractured teeth sooner rather than later, as every day that they are not treated they get larger, or have an increased risk of fracturing. Even if you are not able to afford the treatment immediately or don’t have the time to have it fixed, having it assessed and a plan made, with advice on the time frame, is essential to prevent further issues (See Root Canal Treatment).

If you have any teeth with decay or fractures or haven’t had a checkup in the last 6 to 12 months, please give us a call or book online to ensure we can identify and treat any issues before they get worse!

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