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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Crowns and Porcelain Restorations

When a tooth has lost too much structure to stay strong or is experiencing pain from a crack, a Crown is your best friend. Crowns function like a shell over the top of your tooth, absorbing the pressure and stress from chewing so that the weakened tooth underneath does not fracture. Because they are made of very strong materials (like porcelain), not only do they look like a normal tooth, but they can absorb the pressure from chewing and biting for a long time without any issue. Crowns are great when a weak tooth needs a new lease on life.

Porcelain can also be used instead of normal filling material for smaller fillings, as it is stronger and lasts longer. The cost is a little higher but the cost is offset by not having to replace it as often, and therefore less damage to your tooth in the long term.

If you have a weakened tooth or a tooth which has had a root canal, there is a risk of it fracturing at any time, which can make fixing it harder – without a foundation to build upon, there is no support or stability. We hope you will contact us to discuss options for any teeth which have been weakened so we can help you choose the best option, and avoid issues in the future!

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