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High-Quality Dentures

When dentures are mentioned, most people would think of their elderly relatives pulling out a full set of false teeth, but there are many other kinds of dentures that are available. They all work to achieve the same result – to replace missing teeth, using existing teeth or gums as support, and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Full dentures replace all the teeth of a jaw (upper and lower dentures are available) and can be made to look very natural. In most cases they can be made to fit very well, but never fully replace the feel or function of your original teeth. Full dentures are a great option if and only if your teeth aren’t strong enough to last or cannot support a partial denture, as they will allow you to eat and smile, but just not quite as well as actual teeth.

A partial denture replaces some teeth in your jaw, and can be as little as 1 tooth to as many as 10, depending on the strength of the remaining teeth to hold the denture in place. They can be made of flexible material which clips into place without any metal attachments, which is ideal for replacing one tooth and isn’t too large to interfere with your tongue movement or taste. Metal frame dentures are available which are very thin but incredibly strong, and form-fitting to your teeth so they fit excellently. These are ideal for replacing multiple teeth, and have a long lifespan, feel very comfortable once you get used to them, and can usually be designed to avoid seeing the metal when you smile. A cheaper option are pink acrylic dentures which use small wires to hold in place, which are good options in some cases where replacement teeth are needed for chewing food, but budget isn’t high or the remaining teeth aren’t strong enough to hold them long term.

The best tooth is a real tooth, but if they are lost we have a lot of great options to suit your budget and your smile.

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