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Dental Treatments

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For Children's Dentistry

Little ones often have a fear of the unknown, so we like to take things slow and introduce the process without too much pressure – if they’re a little anxious the first time, we don’t push past their point of comfort; instead we will be reassuring and try again another day when they are feeling more confident. And if they do well, we reward for their bravery (and often bribery works well too!).

For Cosmetic Treatment

As opposed to general dentistry which focuses on primary dental care (dental fillings, crowns and bridges) and preventative care (like teeth cleanings and check-ups), cosmetic dentistry is a type of dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance and aesthetics of a smile. Common cosmetic dental procedures that Tranquillity Dentistry can help with include veneers, braces and teeth whitening.

For Crooked Teeth

At Tranquility Dentistry we have a range of treatments available that can help with crooked teeth. Our treatment facilities are based in our clinic in Yamanto and include Braces, Clear Aligners, Fast Braces and our Early Intervention program which in some cases can prevent any sort of braces from being needed at all! We can help you to get the confident smile that you’ve always wanted.

For Sensitivity & Pain

No-one wants to be in pain – and mouth and teeth pain can be particularly painful and can prevent you from going about your daily life – especially eating and drinking! If you are experiencing any sensitivity or pain, even minor, please book with us before it becomes worse – we’ll do our best to help you as soon as possible.

For Missing Teeth

We have options available to replace missing teeth to improve your bite, improve your smile, or simply to protect your other teeth. Missing teeth can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons and at Tranquility Dentistry we can help to fill in the gaps. Whether they are caused by accidentally losing a tooth or a tooth never growing into it’s correct position, we can help.

For Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is common and you may not realise that you are doing it at all, especially if you are grinding your teeth at night. You may also find yourself grinding your teeth during the day, particularly when focusing on work, sitting at a desk, exercising, or while under stress.

Teeth grinding can lead to tooth fracture, muscle pain, limited mouth opening, headaches and locking or clicking jaws. Tranquillity Dentistry can help – with some treatments being very affordable or sometimes even free!

For Anxiety & Fear

To treat anxiety and fear of going to the dentist our most important tool is communication, so we encourage you to get in contact and talk to us. No commitment, no pressure, just talk to us about what is making you feel nervous, and we can set something up to help you through it. We have multiple options to help including just being supportive and understanding, using Nitrous Oxide or the use of Conscious Sedation.

For Snoring & Sleep Apnoea

What most people don’t realise is that snoring could be a sign of a condition known as Sleep Apnoea, where your breathing quality reduces or even stops while you are asleep. Although you may not notice this, sleep apnoea has been linked to a higher risk of many conditions including heart disease, diabetes, blindness and more. Chat to us at your next check-up if you think you could be suffering from Sleep Apnoea and we’ll organise help.