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For Crooked Teeth

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At Tranquility Dentistry we have a range of treatments available that can help with crooked teeth. Our treatment facilities are based in our clinic in Yamanto and include Braces, Clear aligners, Fast Braces and our Early Intervention program which in some cases can prevent any sort of braces from being needed at all! We can help you to get the confident smile that you’ve always wanted.


Dental braces aim to improve your bite and your overall oral health. But braces can also improve the aesthetics of your smile dramatically. Tranquility Dentistry offer traditional braces, Clear aligners and Fastbraces.

Braces are not just an option for children and teenagers. If you would like to correct something you’ve lived with your whole life, there are always options available. Fixed orthodontics or Braces are suitable for a large range of age groups and can do almost anything you need them to do. The technology advances mean better-looking options, quicker and more predictable treatments, and you can even see simulations of the final result in 3D!

Clear Aligners (Transparent Braces)

The benefits of clear aligners are the simulations, so you can see where your teeth will be at the end, giving you the confidence of a result you are pleased with. They also can be removed each day, making cleaning a lot easier than conventional braces. However, clear aligner braces can be removed, so you need to be dedicated at all times to the end result that you are looking for. If you aren’t wearing them they don’t work, so being diligent with wearing them for 22 hours every day is essential to a successful result.


Fastbraces uses a newer technology that includes a triangular shaped bracket and special wire. This technology allows Fastbraces to gently move the roots of the teeth from the beginning of treatment, allowing for faster treatment results. This is a great option to straighten teeth in both teenagers and adults. Fastbraces result in faster results, are less painful than traditional braces, are more affordable than traditional braces and are suitable for children, teens and adults.

Early Intervention

It is important for parents that while your child is growing, we recommend some options which can help their new teeth position themselves better, before braces are needed (or sometimes to avoid needing braces at all). Chat to us at your child’s next check-up about their early intervention options.